[ on another note… how many gnar blogs are there so far? i’ve noted:

  • furryrage
  • shoogishoogishoogi
  • the-caveyordle
  • missing-link-gnarly
  • askthemissinglink
  • ancientyordlegnar

[ that’s a lot of tiny adorable yordles that jinx is wanna cuddle till they hulk out on her. this is so important. ]

[ i’m not sure if i’ll get to replies tonight. i’ve been feeling kind of out of it, so i might just have to take this day and the night to get back into place. if i feel a random rush of RP energy later, i’ll reply to things, but for now… a short break. ]


[So, a very good friend of mine just started a Gnar blog (check it out » here «). I strongly recommend you go follow them because they are a very well-known role player and an absolute blast to follow. I won’t name names because I do not know if they want to be attached to the blog or not (y’know, because reasons). Either way, toss them a follow for fuzzy hilarity!]

to do:

waiting on:

i… think that’s all i have to do… if i’m forgetting something (i feel like i am), please send me a message!

"Oh no, oH NO oH SHIT I’m huge."

deathrocket on playing Gnar for the first time

[ i’m not sure if i’ll be posting a whole lot today. sorry for inactivity. ]

sassyicephoenix said:

Do you not have your submissions box open? I was gonna send you a gift, but it wasn't showing up D:

[ it’s broken! it has never worked ]

[ bye guys! leaving the house today ]