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[ yea okay but matt is my faceclaim so. I’m your favourite. ]

[ O: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

meanwhile on the sugar rush announcement page…

meanwhile on the sugar rush announcement page…

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d e at h n ote……

[ how did i know you would show up ]

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Someone asked eatmyfists who she cosplays and I guess since you guys are girlfriends, someone should ask you too! How about it?

[ ohhhhh man. my list is a bit more extensive than hers since, for the past 4-ish years, cosplay is all i’ve spent my money on! hahaha. let’s see.

  • misa amane - death note
  • matt/mail jeevas - death note
  • karkat vantas - homestuck
  • trickster karkat vantas - homestuck
  • jade harley, dead shuffle - homestuck
  • marceline, what was missing - adventure time
  • rigby, human design - regular show
  • jinx - league of legends - WIP!

jinx is almost done! but i’m taking a break for a bunch of reasons. ]


To all of the students out there:

I know that RP is addictive. I know it’s an excellent stress relief. I know that sometimes, you feel like you have to apologize for not being on, or for not replying. Well, please let me just remind you of something.

RP will be here. We will still be here. And if anyone tries to pressure you for not replying, forget them. YOUR SCHOOLING IS TOO IMPORTANT! If you have a paper to write, don’t worry about replies! If you need to study for a test, those memes in your ask box do not take president.

Remember, RP is here for fun. It shouldn’t ruin your life. Don’t let it.


[ good news, though! i’ll be picking up everything i need to start my 1,500+ follower giveaway this weekend, so i can get that all started, and the post for it made sometime next week. it isn’t the original idea that i had planned with eatmyfists, but i hope it’ll still attract the same attention. 8) ]

[ i really hope they fix officer caitlyn’s splash soon. i mean, a ton of other splashes need it before hers, but… that noodle leg… ]