(( Wrote this song based on deathrocket's “The Deep End,” which I've linked in the description of the video because it's really great and so is deathrocket, like wow. Go give that girl some love, she da best. ))

[ aaaaa sorry i’m really late to reblog this! i saw it and listened to it and got distracted ;v; ]

deathrocket said:

"Show me love!"


13. ”I’m going to love you until you love yourself.”


"Uhh… Does that mean I can have your bird?"

Reblog this if you don’t take dropped threads personally


I’m doing a little test to prove to my friend that most RPers don’t get offended or take it personally if threads get dropped and understand that muses can be fickle or you lose the feel of a thread and that’s okay.

[ happy munday for real though! i need to sleep. i’ll be active again on this blog as soon as i can. today gave me a real jinx boost! ]

[ for such an extremely short notice, i was able to put together a lot for this cosplay that i didn’t have put together before. that, and my power went out while i was sewing today, so i couldn’t finish EVERYTHING but i think i did very well! i hope i wasn’t falling apart too bad, hahaha. ]